If you are longing to have long and beautiful hair in an instant, then you should look into getting hair extensions. Hair extensions come in different types so if you are a novice, then here are some useful tips to make sure you will be getting your money’s worth.

Types of hair extensions

There are two main types of hair extensions, real and synthetic. Synthetic hair extensions cost less than real ones and are easy to put on with barrettes, clips or rubber bands. However, do take note that synthetic hair cannot be colored or be subjected to heat styling. If you are looking for quality, then go for real hair. Human hair extensions is the most expensive type and looks very realistic because it is indeed real hair. Many people cut their hair and sell it and these are made into wigs and hair extensions.

Look for a hair extension specialist

It is important to rely on a good stylist who specializes in hair extensions. These professionals are properly trained and knowledgeable in handling hair extensions. An untrained stylist or an amateur may not be able to give you the results you desire. Ask for recommendations from your favorite salon.

Be realistic about the price

Real and natural looking locks will require you to spend a decent amount of money. Human hair extensions are not cheap. So if someone says that they can give you a good deal, check what type of hair extensions they are going to use. Chances are, if it is too cheap, you may be getting scammed into paying too much for fake or synthetic hair extensions.

Ask to check the hair sample

Request to check the sample of the clip in hair extensions that will be used on you. A reputable hair salon will gladly show you the sample. You can easily identify real hair because it naturally has some waves in it. Avoid silicone treated hair because although they look really shiny and smooth, it may not last a long time.

The right hair color is very important

It is very important to choose hair extensions that matches your natural hair color or the closest color possible. Having a noticeable contrast in the shades will easily give away that you are wearing hair extensions.

Make sure to follow these tips when choosing extensions for your hair. The right hair extensions can change your entire hairstyle without needing to wait for your hair to grow.


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